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4 Song Demo

by Gore Project

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released October 14, 2009



all rights reserved


Gore Project Highland, New York

The "Gore Project" was a project band from Roger Beaujard (Mortician, Primitive Brutality, ex-Malignancy) done back in 2009. There's a 4 song demo and there's also another 8 songs that are just music and are as of yet uncompleted.

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Track Name: Chosen
uncontrollable urges of homicide
voices tell me that I am chosen

abduction, dismemberment, disposal
a seemingly normal life to me

every corpse brings me closer to purification
of the disgusting, wretched human disgrace

drunk on human flesh and bone
serenity is found in their tears
I devour my victims alive
so that I can taste their fears
Track Name: Evidence Disposal
Rotting body
left for dead

striped carcass
hacked limbs


sulfuric acid
melted limbs

nothing left
forgotten corpse
Track Name: Sacrificial Heart
lured into a deadly game
tricked by a satanic whore
sacrificial heart
beating in your chest

chivalrous notions
are all for not
your best intentions
turned against you

chosen by the priest
watched for months
your best friend
your worst enemy

beautiful temptress
you cannot resist
tied down and shackled
your heart is ripped out
Track Name: Sleaze Collector
unholy basement creep
addicted collector of death

hiding in the depths
getting high on mutilations

the pain of others
is all that he craves

a world of utter sleaze
abominations and shallow graves

mocking the unfortunate
laughing at their demise

cataloging the macabre
watching as they all die